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Blue Mango Green Tea


The 16 oz size includes a 15% discount.

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Blue Mango Green Tea

Blue Mango Green Tea has a name of a fruit that even sounds mysterious. Throughout recorded history the Blue Mango appears to have held many people in its sweet grasp. Mangoes and the mango flavor has such a large following, we knew after one sip we had to offer it to our friends.

For mango lovers, this tea is sure to satisfy your craving for a mango green tea.  You will appreciate the wonderful floral scent of the mangos and marigolds, accented with the natural sweetness you expect from any fruity tea.  Apart from use in teas, mangos can be traced back over 4000 years in Southeast Asia.  With over 1000 varieties though out the tropical world, India still produces over half of all grown worldwide.

Most people are used to finding mangos in fruit salads, Chutney’s, and various Asian dishes.  They are also used in certain religious ceremonies.

This blend uses a Sencha style green tea manufactured in Hunan Province in South Eastern China. The reason for this choice was that this particular tea has a very smooth, sweetish taste with an almost honey like finish that truly enhances the natural Mango flavoring. Interestingly, the base Sencha derives its smooth character from the way it is processed. The green tea leaves can be plucked from the same plants as black teas but forgo black tea’s fermentation process. Once they are plucked and chosen for green tea production, the leaves are immediately steamed and bruised either by machine or by hand. The lack of fermentation results in teas that have a fresh, almost full of life character.

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Contains: Green tea, Pineapple Pieces, Mallow Blossoms, Natural Flavors.

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