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Granulated Garlic


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Granulated Garlic

Granulated garlic is the one that is called for in most recipes and it can be substituted for fresh garlic in recipes where the flavor of garlic is called for but not necessarily the texture.  While one can usually use granulated and powdered garlic interchangeably, many recipes specify one or the other for specific reasons, so use which garlic is asked for.

Garlic is found in practically every type of cuisine, but its popularity seems to be greatest in Central and South American, Chinese, Indian, Mediterranean, Mexican and Southeast Asian cuisine.

Use 1 Tsp of garlic granules in place of each fresh clove. To achieve full flavor it takes about 20 minutes but you can notice the taste in a much shorter amount of time.

If you are a fan of garlic, we also carry Garlic Powder and Granulated Garlic, Minced Garlic as well as our popular Garlic Rapture, Garlic Rapture-No Salt,  Herb Garlic Pepper SeasoningGarlic Salt and Lemon Garlic Pepper.  We also have Garlic Cilantro Balsamic Vinegar and Roasted Garlic Olive Oil.  Our many blends give you that big garlic flavor in many ways.  Your choice.

Contains: Granulated Garlic

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