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Turkish Marinated Chicken Kebabs

turkish marinated chicken kebabs

Turkish Marinated Chicken Kebabs Urfa Biber is a very flavorful chile pepper. Somewhat sweet and chocolatelty, with hints of smokiness, it is a common chile pepper in Turkey. It is used in marinades, as a rub and as a condiment just as we use salt & pepper. Over here we use it many other ways. … Read more

Roasted Za’atar Chicken with Potatoes

roasted za'atar chicken with potatoes

Roasted Za’atar Chicken with Potatoes Roasted Za’atar Chicken with Potatoes is a great way to use our flavorful Lebanese Za’atar Middle Eastern Spice Blend. Most of us have been introduced to Za’atar as a pita bread topping, which is broiled or baked on top of olive oil-brushed pita bread. If you want to try it … Read more

Za’atar Smashed Potatoes

Za’atar Smashed Potatoes Za’atar Smashed Potatoes are a simple, yet delicious twist on oven roasted potatoes. We are always accused of using so many of our spice and herb blends on potato dishes, and it’s true. Potatoes are a versatile accompaniment to many dishes and many cuisines, which is why we try our many blends … Read more

Za’atar Chicken

Za’atar Chicken Za’atar Chicken is being found on many menus just as Za’atar is being “discovered” as a “new” herb blend and finding its way into many cuisines outside the Middle East. The many spices and herbs found in this wonderful blend go well with a variety of vegetables, meats and other dishes. Thyme is … Read more



Hummus Hummus, or hummous, is a standard appetizer in Middle Eastern restaurants. You’ll also find it on other Mediterranean menus. We’re used to eating it in Lebanese and other Middle Eastern restaurants in Michigan, where most places make it plain, like this recipe. You’ll also find it as a side with entrees such as Shish … Read more

Basmati Rice Pilaf

Basmati Rice Pilaf Basmati Rice Pilaf is a twist on traditional rice pilaf, since it is made with Basmati rice, mint, other fragrant spices and a touch of saffron. The spices and Basmati rice are all part of the Mediterranean and Indian/Pakistani cuisines where versions of rice pilaf is found. The additional spices create almost … Read more

Aleppo Pepper Chicken Kebabs

Aleppo Pepper Chicken Kebabs Aleppo Pepper Chicken Kebabs are an excellent way to explore the flavors of the Middle East where you marinate your chicken, beef or tofu in yogurt and spices. Marinating in yogurt helps to make the meats tender and moist due to the lactic acid in the yogurt. The Aleppo Chile Pepper … Read more

Orzo, Oregano, Goat Cheese & Garbanzo Beans

Orzo, Oregano, Goat Cheese & Garbanzo Beans Servings: 4 This Orzo, Oregano, Goat Cheese & Garbanzo Beans is a great Summer salad. It is made to serve warm or at room temperature, but we have seen variations of this recipe served cold, especially when it is hot outside. If you are not a fan of … Read more

Herbed Za’atar Bread

Herbed Za'atar Bread

Herbed Za’atar Bread Herbed Za’atar Bread is a personal favorite and classic Middle Eastern bread. Many cuisines have an herb or spice topped bread. Italians have Bruschetta. You also have French or Italian bread topped with herbs, garlic butter and/or cheeses. And you have countries, like India, North African countries and the Caribbean which make … Read more

Pita Bread

Middle Eastern Pita Bread

Pita Bread Makes 24 small or 12 large pitas Ingredients: 2 cups warm water (90? to 110? F) 2 envelopes (¼ oz ea) active dry yeast ½ teaspoon sugar 2 teaspoons sea salt 5 to 5 ½ cups unbleached all-purpose flour, plus flour for kneading Directions: 1. Pour the water into a large bowl and … Read more