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Chestnut Grove Black Tea


The 16 oz size includes a 15% discount.

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Chestnut Grove Black Tea

Chestnut Grove Black Tea was personal favorite from our first sip. It also became an instant hit with our friends from the day we placed it on our shelf, and it continues to be one of top selling teas.  We still keep a tin of it at home.

Chestnut Grove is unlike any other tea in our store, with it’s unique chestnut flavor.  It’s like a hazelnut type flavor with a caramel finish, while using a mellow English Breakfast Tea. We have many friends who love it because it isn’t a fruit tea, or flowery. It’s a very solid flavor you can drink all day. It is also a tea many of our coffee drinkers like, since many coffee drinkers like the nutty notes. We just think it tastes wonderful.

Chestnuts are reminiscent of Winter holidays, but don’t let the name fool you. You won’t think of chestnut turkey stuffing when you sip this flavorful tea. You’ll be thinking more about steeping a second cup once you taste it.

It is blended with premium black tea from Sri Lanka flavored with roasted chestnut, with hints of caramel even though it has none. It also has what we characterize a Hazelnut-like finish. The result is a roasty, smooth and full bodied black tea with pleasant dryness. Let’s see if you will join the long list of our friends who buy Chestnut Grove by the pound, they love it so much.

If you are looking for another unique flavor you won’t mind being an herbal tea with a great flavor, then consider our Roasted Caramel Almond Tea. It’s as good as it sounds. The aroma alone with stir a craving in you.

We also find many of our Chestnut Grove lovers also find Mountain Huckleberry and Black Currant Tea on their short list of favorites.

Contains: Ceylon Black tea and Natural Chestnut Flavor.

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