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Japan Sencha Kakagawa Green Tea


The 16 oz size includes a 15% discount.

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Japan Sencha Kakagawa Green Tea

Japan Sencha Kakagawa Green Tea is a light, smooth green tea with reasonable depth and body.

Sometimes, the finest things in life come full circle. So it is with Japan Sencha Kakagawa Green Tea, arguably one of the world’s most popular green teas. While Sencha is by tradition a Japanese tea variety, green tea originated in China and was found its way to the island nation via traveling monks in ancient times. In 1740 a Kyoto tea master named Soen Nagatani, developed the method of steam processing green leaf, resulting in a very fresh, flavorful cup and Sencha was born. Nagatani’s tea quickly took hold, evolving to become a daily drinker, favored by the common populace, as opposed to the more ceremonial varieties of matcha favored by the wealthy. Sencha production became widespread, and so the years safely passed.

Imported from the Zhejiang Province of China, Japanese style teas are as good, and in some cases better, than their Japan grown counterparts. Japan Sencha Kakagawa Green Tea is one such tea. Remarkably smooth, flavorful and grown in the heart of green tea’s original home, China, Sencha has truly come full circle.

If you have not tried a true Japanese Sencha, we carry two.  Our Fukamusi Sencha is representative of what a true Japanese should taste like, with a very full flavor.  We also carry Bancha, which is smoother, and Gyokuro, which is what Matcha is made from and has the fullest flavor of Japanese sencha teas.  For a complete look at our Japanese lineup, please chick HERE.

Contains: Green Tea

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