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Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans


 Due to the extremely high price of vanilla right now, we currently do not have any Vanilla Beans, Extract, Paste or Powder in stock. There has been a 6 fold price increase in vanilla in the last 2-3 years, because of crop shortages. Rather than sell lower quality beans, or “natural” vanilla extract made from a bit of vanilla and other non-vanilla plants and chemicals, we have decided not to carry any vanilla products at this time. Once we can provide you the highest quality vanilla at a lower price, we will announce it on our website and newsletter.

  • 3 beans
  • 7 beans


Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans

These select Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans are moist, flavorful and aromatic, deliciously ideal for any number of cooking and baking applications. Plus, by scraping the vanilla seeds out of the bean and into such dishes as ice cream, custard and crème brûlée, you can add a gourmet visual delight to their culinary creations.  We prefer to carry the Madagascar vanilla bean since it is the most widely used and most reasonably priced.

There is no bourbon connected with these beans or with vanilla extract.  A neutral alcohol is used to create vanilla extract, but not bourbon.  “Bourbon” refers to the French Royal  House of Bourbon, which was involved in the colonization of the Madagascar region area and the island, now known as Île de la Réunion or Reunion Island, which is where some of the Madagascar vanilla is grown.   Cooks who use vanilla beans to make their own vanilla extract from the beans can and will use other alcoholic spirits, including bourbon and vodka.  It you want to make your own vanilla extract, there are plenty of resources online and in cookbooks.

Delicious vanilla flavor is found in both the bean and the seeds, so home chefs should use both by simply splitting the bean and scraping the seeds into the dish. This will also give the dish the irresistible visual appeal of real vanilla seeds. They can then simmer the whole bean in milk, cream or another liquid and pour the mixture into their dish. As long as the bean still possesses its characteristic aroma and is moist and pliable, they can rinse, dry and use again.

One whole vanilla bean is approximately equivalent to one tablespoon of pure vanilla extract, vanilla bean paste or vanilla powder.

Vanilla beans are grown in many countries, including Madagascar, Reunion, Mexico, Tahiti, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, the Comoro Islands, Uganda, and India.  Most consumers are familiar with Madagascar, Mexico and Tahiti, with Madagascar producing around 85% of all vanilla beans.  These other countries are players and have been more so over the years as vanilla prices have fluctuated greatly over the last 10-15 years.  But since all of these countries’ crops have good and bad years, and demand has continually risen for natural vanilla with a decrease in production at times for various reasons, bad weather and decreased prices, not withstanding.

This product is Kosher and Gluten-Free Certified as well as All-Natural, Allergen-Free and GMO-Free.

For extracts, we also carry Vanilla, Almond, Chocolate, Orange, Lemon and Peppermint, as well as Rose Water, Vanilla Powder, and Vanilla Paste.

Ingredients: Vanilla Beans.

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Vanilla Beans

3 beans, 7 beans

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