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Matcha Green Tea Salt

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  • 4 oz


Matcha Green Tea Salt

Matcha Green Tea Salt, or Matcha Salt, is becoming more popular as the interest in Matcha Tea has increased substantially. As with the Ceremonial Grade of Matcha we sell for drinking, the tea our salt supplier uses for this salt is true Matcha, not just any ground green tea.

Real Matcha is a made from the Gyokuro green tea leaf, a premium green tea, which we also sell for drinking. It is grown in specific tea fields of Japan. Shade grown, once harvested the leaves are slowly stone ground into a fine powder so as not to create undue friction, heating the leaves and creating a bitter product. The result is a fresh, grassy, slightly sweet flavor.

To make our Matcha Green Tea Sea Salt, the Matcha is combined with pure, clean, natural sea salt. This creates a delicate aromatic blend, with the characteristic Matcha flavor along with the sea salt base. This blend goes along very well with Japanese and other Asian and Asian-style foods.

To use Matcha Green Tea Salt, lightly sprinkle it on your dish. With the subtle flavor of the Matcha, the simpler the dish the better, allowing the gentle tea flavor to compliment your food. Try a sprinkle on your eggs, tofu, vegetables or sauteed or steamed fish. It also goes well with other Japanese dishes such as edamame and sushi, if you like to add extra flavor.

For other non-Asian cuisines, try some on your popcorn, French fries or grilled chicken. We have heard of using it in Matcha milkshakes, chocolate desserts, or even used as a salty green topping for cupcakes and ice cream. The possibilities are endless, some you might like and not others.

If you like the subtle taste of Matcha or green tea, you might find many more uses for it. Enjoy.

If you like Matcha to drink, then you need to look at our Ceremonial Grade Matcha.  We buy it, as well as the Japanese green teas, directly from a family in Japan which grows, harvests, packs and ships it.

Contains: Sea Salt and Premium Green Tea

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