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Price and Kensington Teapots


  • 2 Cup Matte Taupe
  • 2 Cup Matte Black
  • 2 Cup Gloss Midnight Blue
  • 2 Cup Gloss Black
  • 2 Cup Bright Red
  • 2 Cup Bright Purple
  • 2 Cup Bright Green
  • 2 Cup Bright Olive
  • 2 Cup Bright Coral
  • 2 Cup Bright Blue
  • 2 Cup Bright Teal
  • 6 Cup Matte Taupe
  • 6 Cup Matte Black
  • 6 Cup Gloss Midnight Blue
  • 6 Cup Gloss Black
  • 6 Cup Bright Red
  • 6 Cup Bright Purple
  • 6 Cup Bright Green
  • 6 Cup Bright Olive
  • 6 Cup Bright Coral
  • 6 Cup Bright Blue
  • 6 Cup Bright Teal


Price and Kensington Teapots

Price and Kensington Teapots is one of the traditional Stoke-on-Trent pottery brands.  Price and Kensington is a world renowned ceramic tableware company with a history and heritage dating back to 1896, recognized around the world for its pottery heritage.

The Brown Betty teapot was created in Stoke-on-Trent; the heart of British potteries in 1800s. Locally-quarried red clay was used for its affordable and durable qualities. The clay was also well known for retaining heat, which was perfect for teapots. The bulbous, round shape referred to as Betty infuses the perfect beverage by allowing tea leaves to swirl freely around the pot, releasing the flavor.

The glaze is “Manganese Brown” which was developed by the Marquis of Rockingham. The shape and the name were eventually shortened to the affectionate term ‘Brown Betty’. The design of its spout, carefully-crafted to eliminate any drips, remains part of its iconic style today too.

We carry Price and Kensington Teapots in the 2 Cup size for a smaller, personal use and the 6 Cup size for a larger need. We carry a variety of colors so choose your favorite.

These teapots come with an infuser basket making it easier to steep your tea and not having to pour the tea through a tea strainer to catch the leaves after steeping.

We also carry the Price and Kensington Teapot Infuser Baskets separately, which sit in the top of the teapot for easy loose tea steeping.  Click HERE for more information.

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Price and Kensington Tea Pot Colors & Sizes

2 Cup Rockingham, 2 Cup Matte Taupe, 2 Cup Matte Navy Blue, 2 Cup Matte Black, 2 Cup Gloss Midnight Blue, 2 Cup Gloss Black, 2 Cup Bright Red, 2 Cup Bright Purple, 2 Cup Bright Green, 2 Cup Bright Olive, 2 Cup Bright Coral, 2 Cup Bright Blue, 2 Cup Bright Teal, 6 Cup Rockingham, 6 Cup Matte Taupe, 6 Cup Matte Navy Blue, 6 Cup Matte Black, 6 Cup Gloss Midnight Blue, 6 Cup Gloss Black, 6 Cup Bright Red, 6 Cup Bright Purple, 6 Cup Bright Green, 6 Cup Bright Olive, 6 Cup Bright Coral, 6 Cup Bright Blue, 6 Cup Bright Teal