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Souvenir Tea Tins


  • Boston Tea Party
  • Icewine
  • Inukshuk
  • Maple
  • Northern Lights
  • Wild Blueberry
  • Wilderness Huckleberry


Souvenir Tea Tins

Our Souvenir Tea Tins are a fun way to both drink tea yourself, as well as to give tea as a gift. They contain some very delightful flavors of teas, all in tea bags. The tins are so beautifully embossed. They are collectible themselves. We keep several of these teas around our home at all times. Once we have drank the tea, we use the beautiful tins to store other loose tea. They stack nicely and decorate our tea counter nicely.

Here are the Souvenir Tin Tea flavors we usually stock: Boston Tea Party Black Tea, Inukshuk Blueberry Icewine Black Tea, Maple Black Tea, Icewine Black Tea, Northern Lights Strawberry Maple Black, Wild Blueberry Black Tea, and Wilderness Huckleberry Black Tea.  Some of these flavors are not always available from our blenders, so we might be out of stock of some of them throughout the year.

Most of these flavors are only available in these tins, so if you find a favorite, buy it while we have it in stock, since we don’t carry all the flavors during the year. Some are only available during the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday season. Still curious? Read about each of the teas below.

Boston Tea Party
Boston Tea Party tea won’t start a revolution in your tea pantry, but it might protest your other plain, dull-tasting teas you have been drinking. This tea has a full malty and flavory character of a bold English Breakfast tea. It is then tempered with hints of Earl Grey, that classic bergamot flavor, for a classic London morning cuppa!
Each tin contains 24 teabags.
Luxury Ingredients: Black tea, Natural flavors

Icewine Tea, is beautifully scented and flavored black tea, which is flavored with Ontario Icewine, in addition to other ingredients. Of course the is no wine left in the tea, but the flavor of the “nectar of the gods” still lingers, which is what makes this tea so special. The result is a light, fruity tea, with the grapey flavor of the Icewine. If you are not familiar with Icewine, you are in for a treat of a flavor.

Icewine is a sweet dessert wine made from varietal grapes, which are frozen with the first freeze of the Fall. By the time the grapes are hit by this first freeze, it is already late in the Autumn season, the grapes have shriveled, but that only concentrates the sugars and favors of the grape. The vintner only presses about 20 percent of the juice they would normally get from a grape. The flavors can be described as apple, pear, honey, melon and others, depending on the varietal.

When the icewine is blended with luxury black teas, the tea delivers a sweet fruity flavor you can’t find in any other tea. To enhance the natural fruity flavors, we recommend you add a bit of sweetener. It’s one of Rick’s all-time favorites.
Each Souvenir Tin contains 24 teabags.
Luxury Ingredients: Black tea, Raisin pieces, White tea, Natural flavors, Ontario Icewine.

Inukshuk Blueberry Icewine Black Tea
Our Inukshuk Blueberry Icewine Black Tea is a very unique flavored tea. Icewine is a very late-harvest white wine, which when harvested at the first freeze of the Fall, creates a very sweet, almost syrupy dessert wine. Our blender captures this sweet, grapey flavor and combines it with a light blueberry flavor to create this one-of-a-kind tea. Inukshuks, or properly Inuksuit, are built as a landmark, direction of a path, or as a commemoration. Kind of fitting for this tea, since this Inukshuk might lead you to a new favorite tea. One of Rick’s personal favorites, if you are a fan of Icewine, Blueberry tea, or both, it just become one of your favorites too.
Each tin contains 24 teabags.
Luxury Ingredients: Black tea, Natural flavors.

Maple Black Tea
Maple Black Tea is flavored with real maple syrup. It has a sweet tone of caramel notes. A unique flavor that can hook you even if you are not necessarily a maple syrup fan. The maple syrup used to flavor this tea is gathered in the Canadian wilds, where maple syrup gather and production is almost a religion and is as Canadian and hockey. So, why not try a tea blended with some of this Northern nectar. Our blender captured this incredible favor and added it to a luxury, high grown Ceylon tea for a sweet cuppa that’s second to none. Cheers!
Each tin contains 24 teabags.
Luxury Ingredients: Black tea, Natural flavors, Real maple syrup.

Northern Lights Strawberry Maple Black Tea
Northern Lights Strawberry Maple Black Tea is probably one of the smoothest flavors available. This is the first flavored black tea Rick drank over 25 years ago, which opened up his tea world beyond plain black and Earl Grey teas. Our blender combines the light flavors of maple, which is so Canadian, with a light strawberry flavor. The result is a delightful tea which can be enjoyed throughout the day. Both the strawberry and maple flavors are balanced against each other so that neither is so dominant they take over the flavor profile.
Each tin contains 24 teabags.
Luxury Ingredients: Black tea, Natural flavors.

Wild Blueberry
Wild Blueberry is not unlike our Blueberry loose tea. The headiness of the blueberry aroma and wonderfully full flavor of the tiny wild blueberry combine for a complete blueberry experience.
Our blueberry teas are some of our most popular. Having one in a beautiful embossed tea tin to give as a gift, or as a gift to yourself, adds one more way to enjoy your blueberry tea. Excellent hot or cold, a served with a pinch of sugar tends to bring out the blueberry flavor a bit more.
Each tin contains 24 teabags.
Luxury Ingredients: Black tea, Natural flavors.

Wilderness Huckleberry Black Tea
Our Wilderness Huckleberry Black Tea has all the flavor of the huckleberry, which is a flavory wild berry. Find full berry fruitiness with mountain freshness in this tea. Indigenous to higher elevations thriving in an acid soil and a close relative of the blueberry, this fruit has a sweet robust, albeit tart, flavor when compared to its blueberry cousin and is generally not cultivated commercially. There is limited availability of huckleberries which probably accounts for part if its popularity. The huckleberries are a favorite food of bears and are thus adventurous to pick! There is a certain amount of wilderness factor associated with the huckleberry which make them quite scrumptious and a true delicacy.
Each Souvenir Tin contains 24 teabags.
Luxury Ingredients: Black tea, Natural flavors.

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Souvenir Tea Tins

Boston Tea Party, Icewine, Inukshuk, Maple, Northern Lights, Wild Blueberry, Wilderness Huckleberry

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