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Blackened Chicken with Rice

Blackened Chicken with Rice Blackened Chicken with Rice is another delicious way to use Blackening Seasoning, besides using with fish fillets. This recipe also cooks rice and black beans in the same pan, so when done, you have a great, one-pan dinner. Using fire-roasted tomatoes adds a slightly smokey touch to the overall flavor. It’s … Read more

Creole Dijon White Fish

Creole Dijon White Fish This Creole Dijon White Fish is a simple baked fish recipe, but with a twist. Our Creole Seasoning and Dijon Mustard add a flavorful flair. If you’re not a fan of Dijon mustard, you can eliminate it and still enjoy the dish. If you prefer to grill or broil the fish, … Read more

Creole Jambalaya

Creole Jambalaya There are subtle differences between Cajun and Creole food. Some are who is doing the cooking, the cultural influences, both of which have French roots and whether it’s considered “City” or “Country” cooking. We’d rather not create a fracas, so suffice to say that our Creole Seasoning can be used with either Creole … Read more