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Vegetable Curry

Vegetable Curry This simple Vegetable Curry recipe is sure to be a fan favorite.  Easy to make, you can use almost any curry you have around, from mild to hot.  Just depends on your taste at the time.  For the bread to serve on the side, you can also use what you have in the … Read more

Baked Tandoori Chicken

Baked Tandoori Chicken Tandoori Chicken is an iconic dish in Indian restaurants. The signature red color is unmistakable, due to the red chile peppers, paprika or even red food coloring. A tandoori is a clay oven, which bakes the chicken. But most of us don’t have a tandoori in our homes, so we must grill … Read more

New Potato and Pea Curry

New Potato and Pea Curry

New Potato and Pea Curry This New Potato and Pea Curry is a tasty vegetarian/vegan dish, which is great alone or can served as a side dish. The Madras Curry Powder and other spices combine to offer a sensory experience for both for your nose and your mouth.  The textures of the potatoes and peas … Read more

Colombo Chicken

Colombo Chicken This Colombo Chicken recipe is common way to cook Sri Lankan chicken in the Colombo style. Once you have made it, you might change up some of the ingredients, making it your own just as families do in Sri Lanka and India. Colombo cooking is a style of cooking, originating in the area … Read more

Vindaloo Flank Steak

Vindaloo Flank Steak Vindaloo dishes are typically made with chicken, pork, lamb or vegetables. You do see some with beef as well. This is a recipe made with Flank Steak, which makes a good base meat. You can substitute chicken, tofu or the protein of your choice. Just adjust the cooking time until cooked thoroughly.  … Read more

Madras Curry Chicken or Tofu with Saffron Rice

madras curry chicken or tofu with saffron rice

Madras Curry Chicken or Tofu with Saffron Rice Madras Curry Chicken or Tofu with Saffron Rice can be either made with chicken or as a vegetarian dish by using tofu instead of chicken. The picture is the recipe made with tofu. Since all of our Curry Blends have somewhat different flavor profiles, try it with … Read more